Party Bylaws

ARTICLE I: Name & Purpose.

Section 1. Name

This organization’s name shall be “The DC Statehood Green Party” (“DCSGP”).

Section 2. Purpose

This organization purpose is to make an advance the values of Greens and DC Statehood Party, now merged into The DC Statehood Green Party, through advocacy, political activism and electoral politics. These values include: Ecological Wisdom and Environmental Protection, Grassroots, Social Justice and Participatory Democracy, Non-violence, Community-based Economics, Decentralization, Respect of Diversity, Feminism, Self-determination and Personal Future Focus and Responsibility.

The DC Statehood Green Party is an autonomous political party formed to nominate and run candidates for District and Federal offices and to initiate and promote legislation. The mission of the DCSGP is to work for environmental, social and economic justice.

The DC Statehood Green Party is affiliated with the Green Party of the United States (GPUS).

ARTICLE II: Membership.

Section 1. General membership

General membership in the DCSGP shall include any person who is registered with the DC Board of Elections and Ethics in the DCSGP or any person who is a legal resident of DC but denied citizenship and therefore cannot register to vote. Proof of registration shall consist of one of the following methods:

  • Being on the most recent list of registered voters in the possession of the Steering Committees, possessing a voter registration card that identifies the person as being registered with the DCSGP, giving a completed and signed voter registration form, plus postage, to any Steering Committee member, or any other proof accepted by the Steering Committees.
  • Legal residents who are denied citizenship shall be considered general members when they provide a completed and signed voter registration form with the citizenship requirement struck through to a Steering Committee member.

Section 2. Ward Organization

DCSGP members in any ward may create a ward-level organization. The Ward Organization shall be presented to the Steering Committees and, upon approval by 2/3 of the Steering Committees members voting, shall be recognized as an official DCSGP Ward Organization with the rights to elect a representative to the Steering Committees; equal representation with the general membership on endorsement and support decisions for ward elections, provided the Ward Organization makes a decision prior to the general membership vote.

Ward members may bring disputes to the Steering Committees with a written statement signed by three ward members. The Steering Committees shall have final authority to resolve the dispute. The Steering Committees, by 2/3 vote, may rescind official Ward Organization status for the general membership in a ward for lack of activity only.

Section 3. Campus Greens

Campus Greens organizations at any of the DC area Colleges and Universities seeking to take advantage of DCSGP Steering Committee representation shall present their organizations to the Steering Committees and, upon approval by 2/3 of the Steering Committees members voting, shall be recognized by the DCSGP for the following rights:

  • To elect a representative to the Steering Committees
  • To bring disputes of recognition to the Steering Committees with a written statement signed by three campus green members. The Steering Committees shall have final authority to resolve the dispute. The Steering Committees, by 2/3 vote, may rescind recognition status for lack of activity only.

ARTICLE III – The Steering Committees.

Section 1. The Steering Committees membership

The Steering Committee shall consist of at-large members, ward representatives, campus-greens representatives and the Treasurer and Spokesperson.

  • All members of the Steering Committees must be registered in the DCSGP at the time of their election and for the duration of their term. Ward representatives must be registered in the ward they represent.
  • Members of the Steering Committees may be re-elected as often as they choose to run.
  • To run for the at-large Steering Committee, one must nominate oneself or be nominated by a member of the DCSGP.
  • If an at-large Steering Committee member withdraws before the end of the term, the post should be filled by a general DCSGP vote. If a ward representative withdraws before the end of the term, the ward members should select a new representative.
  • The assembled members of the DCSGP at each Annual Election Assembly shall elect 5 at-large representatives, previously nominated by DCSGP members for a 1-year term. The voting members may vote for 5 nominated persons and may only vote once for any one candidate.
  • Eligible DCSGP Ward Organizations, as defined in Article II, Section 2, shall elect one member who must be registered in that ward. Each ward may establish their own method for electing their representative.
  • Eligible Campus Greens Organizations, as defined in Article II, Section 3, shall elect one member who must be registered to vote in the DCSGP.
  • The newly elected Steering Committee will assume office at the end of the December meeting. Ward Steering Committee members will initially assume office upon official recognition and thereafter at the end of the December meeting.
  • A person may hold only one Steering Committee position at a time.

Section 2. – Steering Committee Duties

  • The Steering Committee advises the DCSGP and takes the lead in carrying out policies and decisions of the Party, including the issuing of public statements and participation with other organizations when these tasks are not charged to other committees.
  • The Steering Committees appoints and removes the Treasurer and Spokesperson.
  • The Steering Committees is charged to recognize the Ward Organizations; resolve their disputes; and rescind recognition if one becomes inactive.
  • The Steering Committees must give approval before a vote is taken on an emergency Bylaw amendment.
  • The Steering Committees must establish and publicize the schedule for candidate endorsement and support.
  • The Steering Committees is responsible for the operation of the DCSGP; each member of the committee, in rotating order, is responsible for chairing a monthly meeting.
  • “Chairing” a meeting means:
    • Preparing agenda for the meeting
    • Convening the meeting
    • Distributing copies of the last meeting minutes and agenda for the present meeting
    • Opening the discussion on each item and keeping the discussion on the subject
    • Recognizing speakers in turn, either by stacking or direct recognition if the flow of conversation fits that mode
    • Calling for a vote, or asking for consensus as the discussion dictates.
  • The Steering Committees may designate a nominal chairperson to satisfy the Office of Campaign Finance reporting requirement.
  • House rules of courtesy and process to conduct business, and specific duties of individual members of the Steering Committees shall be designated as appropriate by the Steering Committees. These rules and duties shall be an addendum to the By-Laws. These rules and duties may be modified at any time (1) by unanimous decision of the Steering Committees, or (2) by majority vote of the steering committees with the consent of the General Assembly.

Section 3. Quorum

The presence of 51 percent of Steering Committee members is necessary to constitute a quorum for policy decisions, 50 percent for operation decisions.

ARTICLE IV: Meetings and Committees

Section 1. General Assemblies.

The DCSGP shall meet at least six (6) times a year. The time and location of each meeting shall be set at the end of the previous meeting. The quorum necessary to conduct business shall be eleven (11) members registered in the District of Columbia with the DC Statehood Green Party. There must be a meeting in December to elect officers and vote on Bylaw amendments.

Section 2. Steering Committee Meetings.

  • The Steering Committees may meet as often as necessary.
  • Steering Committee meetings are open to all general members.
  • When a Steering Committee member asks for a Steering Committee meeting, all Steering Committee members must be informed at least 24 hours in advance.

Section 3. Committees

As needed, committees may form to address, research or handle identified subjects. Such committees set their own schedule. They shall report their activities and findings; make recommendations or render decisions (as instructed). They shall report their progress at a time set by the general membership or the Steering Committees.

ARTICLE V – Treasurer.

Section 1. A Treasurer is appointed from the membership by the Steering Committees and shall serve until resigning or being replaced. Once appointed, the Treasurer is automatically a non-voting member of the Steering Committees.

Section 2. The Treasurer shall perform the standard duties of accounting and shall give a financial report at each of the six mandated meetings per year.

Section 3. The Treasurer shall handle all deposits and withdrawals. At least one other member of the Steering Committees, who may be chosen by the Treasurer, will be named on signature cards.

ARTICLE VI – Spokesperson and Public Communication.

Section 1. The Spokesperson is appointed from the membership by the Steering Committees and serves until resignation or replacement. Once appointed, the Spokesperson is automatically a non-voting member of the Steering Committees.

  • The Spokesperson represents and speaks of the DCSGP to the public, the media and other organizations. He or she contacts other groups and persons to associate with the DCSGP; and to advance its visibility and its input to the environmental, political, and economic welfare of the District.
  • The spokesperson may ask any member to attend a hearing, meeting, or conference, or to speak on radio or TV as the occasion arises.

Section 2. All members of the DCSGP are encouraged to write, speak, and otherwise advertise the Party and its stated policies.

ARTICLE VII – Removal from office.

Section 1. Any officer of the DCSGP (Steering Committee Member, Treasurer, and Spokesperson) may be removed from office for general absence, neglect, or nonperformance of assigned duties. Any member may place a removal request on the agenda of the next scheduled general meeting by submitting a written request signed by ten (10) members. The member must show cause for an officer’s removal. Removal requires a majority vote of the membership present at a meeting to remove an officer. For at-large members, a new officer shall be elected by the general membership. For Treasurer or Spokesperson the Steering Committees shall appoint the replacement, but may not re-appoint the removed officer. Ward representatives shall be replaced by the Ward Organization, but may not re-elect the removed officer.

Section 2. Should any member of the Steering Committees not be present for three (3) consecutive Steering Committee meetings, the Steering Committees shall review the performance of said member to
consider submitting a written removal request at the next General Assembly meeting.

ARTICLE VIII – Decision making.

Section 1. All binding decisions made by the DCSGP must originate as a resolution advanced by a member.

Section 2. The member shall be given full opportunity to present such resolution to the DCSGP.

Section 3. Simple majority vote by present voting members is necessary for passage of any resolution. At least two members must count a vote (vote by hand or in print).

Section 4. A request by any member for a secret ballot for a Steering Committee Election, a Candidate Endorsement or Support, or an Issue Endorsement will result in a secret ballot being taken.

ARTICLE IX – Amendments to the By-laws.

Amendments to the By-laws may be offered at a general meeting, from January to October. On receiving a second, the proposal will be voted on at the December meeting. Emergency amendments must be approved by the majority of the Steering Committees for a vote one meeting after the meeting at which they were offered, and after receiving a second. Amendments to the Bylaws must be approved by 60 percent of members present and voting.

ARTICLE X – Green Party of the United States.

Through this document, the DC Statehood Green Party adopts the Bylaws of the GPUS. The DCSGP agrees to elect delegate(s) as apportioned by those bylaws to represent the DCSGP at the meetings of the GPUS and to participate in its decisions. Delegates shall be elected annually at the General Meeting held in December. A delegate’s term shall commence immediately upon being elected and shall continue until the following election.

ARTICLE XI – Liability and Indemnification.

The members of the Steering Committees shall not be personally liable for monetary damages for any action taken, or any failure to take any action, to the fullest extent permitted by law. The organization
shall indemnify any member of the Steering Committees as such, to the fullest extent of the law.

ARTICLE XII – Endorsements

Section 1. Endorsing DCSGP Candidates

The DCSGP may endorse DCSGP registered candidates in a General Election, Primary Election or Special Election ballot in the District of Columbia. The DCSGP may endorse candidates for non-partisan seats in any General Election or Special Election. The Steering Committees shall establish and publicize a calendar prior to any election marking a time period for endorsements. The calendar will show at least two meetings at which candidates may present themselves, and a meeting for endorsement votes.

All those seeking endorsement must meet the following criteria:

  1. Present himself/herself at a general meeting and declare his/her candidacy
  2. Request endorsement by the DCSGP
  3. Offer a copy of the candidate’s platform at a general meeting prior to the meeting at which she seeks endorsement.

A majority of the members present at the endorsement meeting shall vote for or against endorsement of the candidate. For ward candidates in wards with an official Ward Organization, the candidate may also be subject to a ward level decision, provided that decision is made prior to the scheduled general membership vote.

Section 2. Endorsing non-DCSGP Candidates

The DCSGP may support other candidates in a General Election, Primary Election or Special Election ballot in the District of Columbia. The process for obtaining support is the same as for endorsement of DCSGP candidates.

Section 3. Endorsing other things

The DCSGP may also endorse ballot initiatives, referenda and other issue votes by majority vote at a general membership meeting.

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