Party Principles

The DC Statehood Green Party – Guiding Principles and Key Values

The DC Statehood Party was founded on the concept that all human beings are entitled to certain rights, that among the rights the right of self-determination in a democratic government is paramount, and that statehood is the best and most necessary means to secure self-determination and other human rights for the citizens of the District of Columbia.

The Party lives by several guiding principles. Among them are:

    1. Self-determination and Democracy;
    2. Economic Justice and Economic Democracy;
    3. Protection of all Human and Civil Rights;
    4. Protection of The Public Trust;
    5. Promotion of Participation in Government by All Citizens;
    6. Humane and Enlightened Treatment of Prisoners.

Self-determination and Democracy– These form the only means by which the rights mentioned above, as well as the will of the People can be enforced.

Economic Justice and Economic Democracy– We believe that the People have the inherent right, through a democratic process, to regulate and determine the economic relationships between individuals. Private profits must never take precedence over the interests of the people.

Human and Civil Rights– The citizens of the District of Columbia have certain inalienable rights, at least on par with those shared by the citizens of the 50 states. We feel the citizens of the District have the right to: health care and public safety; good public schools, including vocational schools, a public university, a public law school, and adult education; affordable housing; ownership of their homes; freedom from domestic violence; and freedom from all forms of discrimination, including discrimination on the basis of race, creed, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sex, sexuality, and age.

The Public Trust– The People, through their government officials, have a responsibility to protect human and natural resources for the benefit of all, both for the present and future generations. This principle of a Public Trust necessitates care and great public input in the areas of: the care and use of the Environment; Zoning Regulations; use and planning of Infrastructure, including public water and roads; the Promotion of Healthy Families and Family Relationships; Care for those in Need of Special Attention from Society, including the parentless, the homeless, and the mentally infirm, among others.

Participation in Government– To fulfill the promise of democracy, we need to bring government to the people. We propose doing this through decentralization. We would give every ANC district a seat on the City Council. That way everyone would truly have input, everyone could know their council member. No longer would the Council be owned by Big Money Interests. No longer would we see the same 15 faces running our government year after year.

Prisoners– We must realize that we assume a tremendous burden when we decide to take away a person’s freedom that we believe has done wrong to society. These prisoners, and their destiny are in our care due to this decision. As a humane society we have a responsibility to emphasize rehabilitation over incarceration. We need to aggressively treat mental illness and drug addiction both before and during imprisonment. As much as possible, we must try to prevent people from entering prison. Resources should be spent on preventative measures, not on more prisons. Finally, because prisoners are sometimes falsely accused and sentenced, and because of the historical racial unfairness on the issue, society should not take it upon itself to institute the death penalty.

 Key Values of the
Statehood Green Party

Self-Determination and Statehood – Our party’s central goal and the condition upon which all other achievements must be made. Total and permanent control over our own government is an essential right.

Social & Economic Justice –Statehood Greens oppose the present worldwide economic system with its injustice and poverty , and are working to end oppression on race, class, citizenship, sex, national origin, age, ability, and sexual orientation.

Non-Violence -Statehood Greens reject violence seen as ways of settle disputes–it’s morally wrong, self-defeating , and ultimately shortsighted. We are working to crate a society where no war is permitted.

Grassroots Democracy – Statehood Greens believe that the power concentrated in big business and big government must be returned to the people. We believe all participation by the people in around, economic , and political decisions that had affected their lives.

Ecological Wisdom – Statehood Greens recognize the Earth hold all life processes. Green ecology is moved beyond environmentalism by make an understanding common roots in exploitation of nature and the exploitation of people.

Decentralization – The Power of responsibility must be given to local community, within overall framework in ecologically sound, socially must be valued and ways of living.

Community as Based Economics -Statehood Greens seek an economics based upon natural limit sources of the Earth, that must fill the basic need of anyone on planet, and is under democratic, decentralized community control.

Feminism – The Statehood Greens movement is inspired by feminism. Ethics of understanding and cooperation must replace values of dominations and controls.

Respect Diversity – The Statehood Greens honor all biological diversity of Earth, and the spiritual, sexual, and cultural diversity of Earth’s people. The Statehood Greens aims reclaim this country’s finest ideals:  the dignity’s individual, popular democracy, and liberty of justice for Us.

Personal Global Responsibility – Statehood Greens are committed to sustain global through both political solidarity and ways of living based on ecological principles that respect our bioregion.

Sustainable Development – Like the Indians, Statehood Greens search a society of seventh generation and are consider as equal to interests of present. The Statehood Green must reclaim future for ourselves ,our children and grandchildren.

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