December 2010 Annual Elections Meeting

December 2010 Annual Elections Meeting

Nominations were taken for Steering Committee (SC) and for Delegates to the national green party, the Green Party of the US (GPUS) at the 4 November General Assembly. We will receive more nominations and vote for five Steering Committee members and four Delegates (with at least four Alternate Delegates) during the December 2nd Annual Election Assembly. All candidates must be registered members of DCSGP.

Nominations for SC (vote for 5) at the November 4th GA were:

  • Crannitch, Jude
  • Dane, Faith
  • Fornaci, Phil
  • Moch, Darryl
  • Otten, Chris
  • Robinson-Paul, Joyce
  • Rouson, Bridgette
  • Shoat , JB
  • Tingling-Clemmons, Michelle
  • Tingling-Clemmons, Rick
  • Tingling-Clemmons, Toussaint
  • Turner, Charles
  • Williams, Faye

Nominations for Delegate (vote for 4) at the November 4th GA were:

  • Bosserman, David
  • Bowser, Renee
  • Douglas, Marian
  • Ellingston, Jenifer
  • Moch, Darrell
  • Norouzi, Parisa
  • Otten, Chris
  • Tingling-Clemmons, Toussaint

The Steering Committee’s primary responsibility is to plan and run our monthly General Assemblies. They should also guide the party in developing short and long-term plans. Ward organizations may choose Ward Representatives to sit on the Steering Committee. This should take one or two evenings a month and some email time.

Delegates serve on the National Committee of the GPUS, monitor its two discussion listserves, bring important proposals to the SC and GA, and vote for the DCSGP on the proposals. This should take about half an hour per day on email and on phone conferences.

Come to the December GA with more Nominations and to vote for SC members and for Delegates.

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