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WASHINGTON, D.C. – The DC Statehood Environment-friendly Event is getting in touch with Electoral University participants in eleven states to insist their constitutional required by proportionally assigning their selecting choose head of state.

Statehood Greens pointed out the Malapportionment Charge Condition of the 2nd area of the 14th Modification pursuant Title 2 Area 6 of the USA Code (2 U.S.C. § 6 )in their attract electors in the eleven states that are promised to Autonomous candidate Hillary Clinton as well as Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.


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Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Scott McLarty, D.C. Statehood Eco-friendly Event media organizer, 202-904-7614,
Asa Gordon, chair of the DC Statehood Environment-friendly Event’s Electoral Task Force, 202-635-7926,, bandar ceme.

Political election codes in the eleven states do not define a “Victor Take All” law that clearly grants every one of the state’s governmental electors to the prospect that gets most of the ballots cast in a state.

In the lack of “Victor Take All” in state political election code, the plain text of Area 2 of the 14th Modification requireds symmetrical appropriation of governmental electors inning accordance with the percent of the preferred ballots cast in the state.

Electors promised to Ms. Clinton and also Mr. Johnson in the eleven states have constitutional standing to require the honor of governmental electors inning accordance with the portion of the preferred ballot actors for their prospects.

Electoral University participants will certainly satisfy in their corresponding state capitols on Dec. 19 to cast their ballots.

“Each the Malapportionment Fine Condition of the 2nd Area of the 14th Change pursuant Title 2 Area 6 of the USA Code (2 U.S.C. § 6), on Dec. 19, electors vowed to Autonomous governmental prospect Hillary Clinton as well as Liberal prospect Gary Johnson will certainly endure an abridgement of their ballots,” stated Asa Gordon, chair of the DC Statehood Environment-friendly Event’s Electoral Task Force.

A retired astrodynamicist, Mr. Gordon is likewise executive supervisor of Douglass Institute of Federal government as well as assistant general of Sons & Daughters of USA Colored Soldiers. He obtained the 2016 National Civil Liberty Meeting “Civil Liberty as well as Justice Honor” in acknowledgment of his promo of the post-Civil Battle ballot civil liberties heritage of the United States Colored Soldiers.

Mr. Gordon means to submit a civil Writ of Mandamus to urge the National Archives and also Records Management Workplace of the Federal Register to (1) notify the boundless state guvs and also electors prior to Dec. 19 that their Certifications of Ballots need to follow the 14th Modification’s required to assign the states’ electors symmetrical to the preferred ballot actors, as well as (2) remedy any kind of inconsistencies in between the Certifications of Ascertainment as well as the Certifications of Elect boundless states in consistency with the 14th Modification’s required needing symmetrical appropriation of electors.

“This is not a project to choose Hillary Clinton Head of state. This lawsuit has to do with ensuring the selecting honesty people freedom and also our political system,” stated Justin McCarthy, rep for the Statehood Eco-friendly Event.

“The USA’ first-past-the-post selecting system has actually lodged an useless bipartisan system basically detached from the American individuals. First-past-the-post in the eleven states legitimately breaches the Constitution’s Malapportionment Charge Provision,” claimed Mr. McCarthy.

DC Statehood Environment-friendly Celebration leaders stated that, due to malapportionment of governmental electors in offense of the 14 Modification, the final count of 306 electors for Donald Trump and also 232 for Hillary Clinton have to be held void. Right apportionment would certainly deduct 62 ballots from Mr. Trump, include 60 to Ms. Clinton, and also include 2 to Gary Johnson.

The DC Statehood Eco-friendly Event is an associate of the Eco-friendly Celebration of the USA. 2016 Environment-friendly candidate Jill Stein and also running companion Ajamu Baraka really did not get adequate ballots to get approved for an elector in any kind of state.

The Eco-friendly Celebration’s nationwide system backs abolition of the Electoral University, implementation of Ranked Selection Ballot and also Proportional Representation to change first-past-the-post and also at-large political election systems, abolition of state ballot-access legislations prejudiced for both significant events, and also various other reforms to guarantee fairer and also extra autonomous political elections.

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  1. Hudson

    I will be there when you want to make a Vote. Tell me the Schedule and i will ask all to join.

    1. dc state

      Ok, thank you for interested in this project, we already send the schedule in your email. Please check it and be sure to make an invite to collegers to join in.

      1. Hudson

        Ok, I already accept and view the schedule. Thanks. I’ll make sure this event is success.


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